A Weekend Trip to Port Crescent - Pac Westy
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A Weekend Trip to Port Crescent

A Weekend Trip to Port Crescent

Every great adventure starts with a whim, a calling we must answer. The waves
were good, the weather showed glimpse of hope, good friends to meet, what more could you ask for?

Late after work, the rain started to pour, once again, dusk was turning to night, we were finally off. Making our way to the coast and just in time for the sky to clear and show us the last glimpse of sunset, welcoming us to the adventure that would unfold for us in the coming hours.

Made it to camp, Port Crescent Beach, a small bay located about two hours from the PacWesty shop. With the best views, incredible oceanfront camping, the resort would make for the perfect sunrise spot.

Resort Reservations

Though we had missed the sunset the sunrise was sure to make up for the missed light. In awe and drowsiness we all danced around the beach, taking pictures, catching waves and basking in the light of the new day.

As dawn turned to day we all sat around the fire, drinking cups of joe and enjoying the crashing of the waves and getting glimpses of our friends shredding the ocean blues. This where we spent the couple days before heading back to the city.

Port Crescent Beach Resort, the perfect weekend trip to the beach, with views for days, perfect spots for the Westy, great staff and facilities. Making this one of our all-time favorite spots along the Peninsula’s coast.