An Epic Winter Olympic Peninsula Adventure - PacWesty | Adventure Camper Rentals in the Pacific Northwest
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An Epic Winter Olympic Peninsula Adventure

An Epic Winter Olympic Peninsula Adventure

Looking for Some Winter Time Fun? This PNW Adventure Will have You in Awe!

If you are anything like me, you are far from a winter person; disliking being cold and never knowing what to do during the winter months has always been a real challenge. On a mission to not waste yet another winter, we set out on a hunt to find the most epic Pacific Northwest adventure we could!

That’s when we stumbled upon PacWesty and their Hike Olympic Co. Package! The perfect combination, a westy and a guided snowshoe hike within the Olympic National Park, how much more epic could you get? Since we weren’t super sure of where we wanted to stay or how to get up into the snow filled mountains, this seemed like the perfect answer to our winter newbie status. Booked and all ready for our adventure, we were stoked to finally make the best of the winter season.

We started out the PacWesty headquarters trip, where we grabbed our westy rental, Burt, and made our way out to the Olympic Peninsula, where we spent our first night out at Crescent Beach Resort, sipping hot cocoa and sitting by the fire. At the same time, we watched the sunset and waves crashing. As night fell, we got all snuggled up and cozy in Burt, making sure to get a good sleep before our adventure the following day!

Up early the next morning, we made it to the lower Olympic National Park center, where we met up with our guide, Tommy, from Hike Olympic Co. Providing the transport up and down the mountain was such a luxury. Honestly, it made us feel so at ease; not having to worry about driving in the snow was so appreciated. Once up at the Visitors Center, we couldn’t believe our eyes; how could we have been missing out on such incredible views? It was beyond words!

Once we picked our jaws off the ground, Tommy had set up all of our snowshoes and polls, which were included in the package (seriously cannot express how amazing it is to have all the gear there and ready for you). He took great care in making sure you are all set and feel comfortable moving around in your shoes, which was much easier than you would expect. Once situated, we rolled out, leaving the parking lot behind, and into the winter wonderland, we went.

As we ventured through the snow, we were greeted with one incredible view after another. Stopping at various points along the way as Tommy would share stories, insight, and information about different peaks and valleys. Giving you such an insider experience that you couldn’t help but feel like a local.

Throughout the trek, Tommy always made you feel like you could take the trail at your own pace and ensured that you felt comfortable every step of the way. For some of us, this was our first time snowshoeing and, for others, the first real hike of the year, so the ability to choose our journey was amazing. But with a day like we had, sunny skies, great temperatures, and a feeling of confidence, we couldn’t help but want to keep on, and before we knew it, we were almost to the summit of Hurricane Hill.

I have to be honest; snow and ice have always made me nervous; not having sure footing is definitely not my favorite. So, as we began the climb, I could feel my nerves kicking in, but once we got climbing, the snowshoes and Tommy’s assurance made it a whole other experience. Shoes cutting into the terrain and poles firmly in the ground, the hike to the top was far more comfortable than you would expect. Once we reached the top, you are overcome with a sense of awe and fulfillment, especially when you turned to see the views that awaited you.

With endless vistas, rolling tree-filled slopes, white-capped peaks, and when you’re lucky glimpses of the Pacific Ocean, it was as if Mother Nature was hugging all of your senses at once. Needless to say, the most epic of landscapes with 360-degree views you could ever dream up. But it gets even better, food always makes everything better! With the package, you get the most delicious custom sandwiches (and yes, they have gluten-free and vegan options!), which are devoured while sharing stories and just soaking up the views from the top. Once we had taken in our fair share of pictures and yummy food, we packed up and started down the mountain.

As you make your way back to the Visitor’s Center, you cannot help but feel a deep sense of joy. Joy in the fact that another winter day was not wasted, you had a special moment out in the vast beauty of nature, and you did something outside of your comfort zone. Getting out in about in the most underrated time of the year will surely exceed your expectations when you get to spend it with PacWesty and Hike Olympic Co. They really know how to make the most of every season, moment, and adventure out here in the Pacific Northwest!

So if you are also on the hunt to make the most of this winter season, then look no further than an epic adventure with your friends, PacWesty and Hike Olympic Co. they will sure have you day dreaming of winter!

Written By: Sky Frost

Photography By: Nora Emily Photography