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UPDATED (MARCH 25th 2020)

Dear friends, colleagues, guests, and adventure playmates. We hope you are doing well.

Now that the “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order is in effect, we’d like to update you on what’s going on at PacWesty.

As you may know, we have two business: 1) van (car) rental and 2) automotive repair.  Because automotive repair and maintenance facilities are considered essential, our shop remains open to those that need our services.   Also, our rental operations remain open to facilitate continuity of operations for essential workforces and other essential travel.

Bottom line; if you need these essential services, PacWesty stands ready to support you.

All the best, keep the faith, and spread the love!

UPDATED (MARCH 16th 2020)

Hey Friends, we wish you good health and cheer, and convey our sympathies to those who’ve been overwhelmed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We understand everyone is dealing with this situation in their own way, and we’ve decided to remain open to serve and support you (and keep up our regular routine)!

We’re monitoring CDC and WHO notifications and recommendations, and adhering to measures mandated by our state and national officials. Our team is healthy, optimistic, and in a productive mode. As we all navigate the “upside-down” together, PacWesty is doing everything we can to make sure your interactions with us are safe and enjoyable.


If you decide to get away and socially distance yourself on the Olympic Peninsula or similarly remote areas in the Pacific Northwest, PacWesty stands ready to launch your adventure.

We’ve always thoroughly cleaned and serviced our vans and gear, and provided at least a 48-hour “rest” period between back-to-back van journeys. Recently, we’ve added additional disinfecting and steam-cleaning procedures, so you can rest assured your experience will launch in a meticulously cleaned and serviced PacWesty van.

During this time of COVID-19, here is what we ask of you. If you’re feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms, please stay at home. If you have already booked your PacWesty trip, we’ll gladly re-book your trip for another time – free of any change fees.

Our adventure team is healthy and we intend to keep it that way. Please, if you feel sick, or exhibit any cold or flu symptoms, take care of yourself and hunker down – and avoid visiting active businesses (like PacWesty).


For those of you who count on PacWesty to keep your beloved VWs running smoothly, here is what we have been doing in our shop.

We do daily cleaning and disinfecting of all areas where our employees’ paths might cross and are adhering to rigorous hygiene procedures. We always do a weekly deep-cleaning of our shop and office areas, and are taking extra measures to protect our clients and employees.

Our technicians wear protectives gloves, masks, and coveralls.  All hard services in your vehicle are thoroughly wiped-down with disinfectant before and after we complete our work and testing.

Our technicians are healthy and we intend to keep it that way.  Please, if you feel sick, or exhibit any cold or flu symptoms, take care of yourself and hunker down – and avoid visiting active businesses (like PacWesty).


Friends, family, colleagues, and playmates. Please take care of yourselves and those around you.  In these uneasy times, don’t forget how wonderful, invigorating, and essential our connection with the natural environment is.

Spread the love!

The crew at PacWesty