Pleasure Units

Photo courtesy of Nora Emily Photography

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Pleasure Units

The Volkswagen Westfalia (aka ″Vanagon″) camper is ideally suited for the diverse landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Maneuverable and comfortably sized, they leave a ticklishly-light footprint and are a joy to drive, as well as super cozy when it’s time to settle in.

Truly a marvel of innovation, they’re highly capable and retro-cool!

It might be you know all about these sweet pleasure units and are specifically looking for an authentic “Westy” experience. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the magnificent Pacific Northwest and want a fun, reliable, environment-friendly vehicle to adventure in. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Our sweet fleet is comprised mostly of Westfalia “Camper” and “Weekender” units.

Campers are equipped with the familiar ″Westy″ pop-top, propane stove, refrigerator (or portable cooler), sink, fold-down bench/bunk, and can sleep 4 (2 in the upper bunk, 2 in the lower bunk). While this arrangement is perfect for a family with small children – it can get a bit “cozy” with 4 adults.

Weekenders also sport the ″Westy″ pop-top, along with the fold-down bench/bunk, and can sleep 4 (2 in the upper bunk, 2 in the lower bunk). Weekenders have cabinet storage space, minus the built-in stove, sink and refrigerator. As a result they are lighter and roomier.

Campers and Weekenders have their own unique attributes, but whichever you choose, we’ll outfit your unit with a portable stove, cooler, table and all the other essentials you need to get out and about and enjoy! Check out What’s Included, for details.

A number of our vans have manual transmissions – so if you can’t drive a stick, we suggest you learn. Haha! ‘Cause it’s really fun! Or let us know at booking and we’ll try and secure an automatic for you. Please note: we cannot guarantee availability of vans with automatic transmissions (so seriously… learn to drive a stick!)

Vanagons are mellow machines that can inspire a laid back, free-spirited vibe, feelings of wellbeing, and Zen-like joy – if you open
yourself to the possibilities and are willing to slow down just a touch.

These lovingly maintained vehicles are 25-plus years old, and compared to modern vehicles, have small, lower power (environment-friendly)
engines. Also, Vanagon brakes, while absolutely suitable and safe, are not as powerful as modern anti-lock brakes and may require a more measured driving and braking style.

“Step On It!” doesn’t really work in a Vanagon. So, if you’re planning a bank heist or trying to make fast tracks to the next state, our sweet Westy vans are probably not the machines to use. On the other hand, if you’re ready to relax, downshift and enjoy the ride, you’ll have a fabulous time.