About Us

About Us

There’s a fun-loving, hardworking team at PacWesty dedicated to ensuring you a safe and enjoyable adventure experience.  You’re our focus, but since you’ve clicked here, we’ll go ahead and share a little bit about us.


Our team – kinda like the colorful vans we send out and about – is a group of unique, highly-capable individuals with a wide range of skills and diverse backgrounds. We share a love and respect for this part of the world, and a desire to share it with others.


We’re an adventure travel company that helps get people out and exploring in ways that bring meaning and joy.

We accomplish this by making our delightful vans available to those who don’t have one, and also by maintaining and repairing vans for those that do.


PacWesty’s values are centered around caring for others and contributing to our shared environment and a sustainable future. (We’re thinking you feel the same way.)  We can’t resist visioning, creating, and accomplishing nifty things with the purpose of connecting people (like you) with the communities, cultures and environment of the Pacific Northwest… and beyond.

Also, we’re compelled to contribute and assist where there is need (which is pretty much everywhere, right?) and seek to participate in meaningful ways.