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About Us

There’s a fun-loving, hardworking team at PacWesty dedicated to ensuring you a safe and enjoyable adventure experience.  You’re our focus, but since you’ve clicked here, we’ll go ahead and share a little bit about us.


Our team – kinda like the fanciful vans we send out and about – is a group of unique, highly-capable individuals with a wide range of skills and diverse backgrounds. We share a love and respect for this part of the world, and a desire to reveal it to others.


We’re an adventure travel company that helps get people out and exploring in ways that bring meaning and joy.

We accomplish this by making our delightful vans available to those who don’t have one, and also by maintaining and repairing vans for those that do.


PacWesty’s values are centered around caring for others and contributing to our shared environment and a sustainable future. (We’re thinking you feel the same way.)  We can’t resist visioning, creating, and accomplishing nifty things with the purpose of connecting people with the communities, cultures and environment of the Pacific Northwest… and beyond.

Also, we’re compelled to contribute and assist where there is need (which is pretty much everywhere, right?) and seek to participate in meaningful ways.



The act or process of supporting a cause; acting on behalf of or in support of another person, place, or thing

Individually, our feelings, passions, and purposes are complex…

As a PacWesty family, when we consider everything that’s important to us, it can be a bit overwhelming.  (Where and how do we begin to lend a hand?) To increase the likelihood of making a meaningful contribution, we’ve identified three focus areas for our advocacy activities.

This doesn’t mean other causes aren’t important to us and that we don’t contribute in other areas, but these three groupings are at the core of our efforts.


Everyone loves our National Parks (and our state and local parks too)!  PacWesty is particularly committed to supporting the National Parks here in Washington State and we pay special attention to support and advocate along with Washington’s National Parks Fund.

Washington’s National Park Fund

Check out their 2019-2020 priority parks projects!


We’re definitely water people. Streams, lakes, bays, sounds, the ocean; we love ‘em all! Working to keep all waters chemical and debris free is really import and we seek to participate in this effort in many ways.

For example, did you know we have 13 national marine sanctuaries in the US, and one of those – Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary – is right here?


PacWesty is committed to the scientific, educational, and environmental mission of our Olympic marine sanctuary, and in particular supports the grass roots activities of Washington CoastSavers.

Washington CoastSavers

If there’s a clean-up, fund raising, or other advocacy activities going on with Washington CoastSavers, you’ll probably meet a PacWesty family member there.


Seems whenever we’re out and about we come in contact with someone who’s vulnerable to the press, burden, pace, and expectations of our highly complex society.  So much so, it can make our hearts sink.

We’re all one family and PacWesty seeks to contribute time and resources to local organizations that make it their purpose to help our brothers and sisters.  Local organizations PacWesty especially works to support are:

Helpline House


Island Time Activities

University District Food Bank