We Make Fun Happen.

How it Works

So, you’re ready to explore the magnificent Pacific Northwest in a fully-outfitted Vanagon from PacWesty. Cool! Here’s how it works!


Our office and shop are located on quaint Bainbridge Island, about 8 miles due west of Seattle. The only hitch is you have to take a ferry to reach us. (Ok, actually there’s also a bridge.) If you’re heading to the Olympic Peninsula, Bainbridge Island is the ideal spot to launch your adventure. If you have other destinations in mind, we’re happy to arrange van delivery in Seattle (or elsewhere on the “mainland”).

rental increments

We rent our sweet vans in 24-hr increments – commencing and ending at noon. Thus, each 24-hr period can be referred to as a “night.”

Depending on the season, there are minimum rental period requirements.


We have a Peak season and Not So Peak season.
(Though as far as we’re concerned, it’s always peak season on the Olympic Peninsula!) Within Peak season, there is a period considered EB (“Extra Bliss”) Peak  – that’s simply exceptional around here!

  • Peak season – runs from April 1st through October 31st.
    •  EB Peak – (within Peak season) covers June, July and August.
  • Not So Peak season – runs from November 1st through March 31st.


  • Our standard rate during EB Peak is $210 per night (5-night minimum),
  • The standard rate during the remainder of Peak season is $195 per night (4-night minimum), and
  • During Not So Peak season the standard nightly rate is $175 (with a 2-night minimum).

                 * Please note, some vans are priced differently than the standard rate based on machinery and outfitting. Specific pricing can be viewed on the Reserve page.

Each 24-hr increment (“night”) includes 125 miles of van travel per day – more than enough to explore an abundance of incredible territory on the Olympic Peninsula. For each mile in excess of 125 per “night” there is an additional charge of $.55 per mile, calculated for the entire trip on a cumulative basis.

There is also a vehicle cleaning fee of $45. This fee is waived for all rentals of 4 nights or more.

Applicable State and Local taxes apply (14.9%).

miles traveled

Even if you’re happy paying for additional miles (over 125 per “night”) we limit the maximum average miles traveled during a trip to 250 per “night.” (For example, if you wanted to complete a 1,500 mile trip, you would be required to book a 6 night rental.)

Also, the operating area for our vans is generally limited to 500 miles from Seattle. This gets you to: the California-Oregon border (to the South), Boise (to the Southeast), Missoula (to the East), and the top of Vancouver Island (to the North). Wow!

If you’re planning a longer trip to, say, Yellowstone or Santa Cruz – please give us a call and we’ll see if we can come up with a plan together.

deposits & payment

Booking Deposit: $300 when you book.

Full Payment: Due 30 days prior to adventuring.

Security Deposit: Charged 24 hours before you pick up your van. ($1,000)

Cancellations: *(see Awesome Escape Clause).

  • Cancel 60 or more days before departure and one-half (50%) of your Booking Deposit will be refunded to you.
  • Cancel within 60 days of your departure and none of your Booking Deposit will be refunded to you.
  • No refunds for cancellations made 30 days or less from departure.

*Awesome Escape Clause: If cancellation by Renter, 80% of non-refunded (forfeit) payments may be applied to another PacWesty rental for up to 1 year.

what’s included

This is kinda detailed, so please click on the inventory list. Our goal is to make your trip super-convenient and provide all the essentials you need to get rolling without hassle. In general, our vans are ready for adventure. For example, nifty cookware, utensils and cups are already on board; as is sleeping gear, chairs, towels and flashlights. Such essentials (for 2 people) are included in the nightly rate, and additional items can be added to your reservation for a fee. Examples include: Goal Zero portable power station and/or solar panel, rooftop luggage skybox, and bike racks. We can also assist with the renting of all sorts of outdoor items (bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, fishing gear etc.).

traveling with a Vanagon

mit Gefühl (with feeling)

Our fleet is comprised of VW Vanagons for a reason. They’re incredibly capable, fun to drive, and super comfy.

These sweet little pleasure units are a wonder of engineering and innovation – yet they’re also full of whimsy and personality. They will bring you true joy; but for this relationship to flourish, you need to treat them with care. Here is some Vanagon relationship advice:

  1. Don’t be in a hurry
  2. Drive mit Gefühl (with feeling)
  3. Stay to the right
  4. Wave at other Westies (and convey goodwill)

(Oh, and check your van fluids each time you fuel up).


We love our pets too, but since we are committed to delivering super-clean and comfortable experiences, we only allow pets under special circumstances (e.g. people who require a special accommodation).

If you have a special circumstance, please contact us prior to making your reservation and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please be advised there are additional fees associated with including a pet and this additional service is subject to van availability and our explicit advance approval.


Sorry friends, smoking is not allowed in any of our sweet Westies at any time. Yes, you too 420 fans… and you can’t claim you “forgot”.

security deposit

$1,000 automatically charged 24 hours prior to pickup. In the unlikely event a van is damaged, the Security Deposit will be used to perform any repairs. At our discretion, Security Deposit may also be applied to the insurance deductible should there be a claim against the policy purchased as part of the rental.

required insurance

Insurance is provided through our relationship with Wheelbase Pro, the industry leader in RV rental software and insurance. This package provides full collision and comprehensive coverage as well as 3rd party liability.

The $75,000 collision and comprehensive policy is underwritten by USA Risk Group and the $1,000,000 liability policy is underwritten by W.R. Berkley Corporation.

The standard deductible is $1,000, and the cost to you is 10% of the total rental rate. We apply no mark-up, nor do we receive any profit on this service.

roadside assistance

We always recommend you purchase roadside assistance (which is offered through our partners Wheelbase and Coach-Net), unless you have a AAA membership – at the “Plus RV” level. The roadside assistance (or AAA) provide: flat repair, jump-starts, key lock out, towing, etc. along with added safety and peace of mind. Please note, if you travel into Canada or outside of our standard 500 mile radius, we require you to purchase roadside assistance (or have AAA Plus RV membership). We apply no mark-up, nor make any profit on this service.

terms & conditions

Please review our rental Terms and Conditions. You must acknowledge and agree to these terms at the time you book your reservation.