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Add-On A Custom Olympic Peninsula Itinerary

Add-On A Custom Olympic Peninsula Itinerary

How it works:

After booking your PacWesty trip with this awesome Itinerary add-on, you’ll receive a message from Rainshadow Escapes requesting that you fill out the exclusive PacWesty Trip Questionnaire. Once they have a better idea of the things that interest you and what type of traveler you are, they’ll create a custom Trip Kit that includes destination information, a list of helpful resources and a proposed itinerary with accommodation, activity, and restaurant recommendations custom tailored with you and your travel style in mind.

Why it’s awesome:

Amanda and Ryan are Olympic Peninsula PROS! They know all the little places, some of which we don’t even know about. If you’ve been out to the Peninsula a million times, they can still create a special itinerary for a one of a kind trip. If your a first timer to the Peninsula, there’s a lot of new sights to see and it can get overwhelming. Let someone else figure out your itinerary for you, and allow yourself to disconnect and trust the experts. They lay out the itinerary so that it’s super easy to understand and helpful to have on paper when your cell service is suddenly nonexistent.

How much it costs:

Rainshadow Escapes Custom Trip Kit
2 Night Itinerary      $50.00
4 Night Itinerary      $100.00
5 Night Itinerary      $125.00

What you receive:

Once the Rainshadow Escapes team finishes up your custom itinerary, they’ll send it over to you in a digital format (recommended to print out and bring along with you). The first page is typically a trip summary, outlining the daily activities and trip dates. The rest of the pages go in to specifics on those days, including restaurant recommendations, details and pricing for each stop. At the end of your written itinerary outline, there is a map pinpointing each location and usually a final page with some information to make reservations for accommodations, tours, and restaurants. They even get so specific as to tell you the sunrise and sunset for each day of your trip. How awesome is that!

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