Escape to Crescent Bay - PacWesty | Adventure Camper Rentals in the Pacific Northwest
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Escape to Crescent Bay

Escape to Crescent Bay

PacWesty has made your stay at Crescent Beach & RV Park even easier, with our campsite reservation add-on! Just get in touch with an Adventure Coordinator to learn more and review available dates. We’ve claimed our favorite campsite for most Fridays and Saturdays during June, July and August just for you to enjoy! Pay $50 as an add-on to your reservation to claim your campsite reservation and another $50 when you arrive to pay for your second night. 

Every great adventure starts with a whim, a calling you must answer. After the hectic workweek we had, adventure was definitely calling! As the coast beckoned, we packed up the Westy and headed for the waves. The weather showed hope in a sea of grey, good friends were waiting, and we were off.

Making our way to the coast and the rain seemed like it would never end. But just in time, the sky began to clear, and as we drove, we caught the last glimpses of the sunset. It was a wonderful welcome to the adventure that would soon unfold for us.
Making camp at one of our favorite spots on the Olympic Peninsula, Port Crescent Beach Resort and RV Park, a small bay located about two hours from the PacWesty shop, making it one of the most ideal weekend getaways. With the unforgettable views and incredible oceanfront camping, the resort makes for the perfect spot to catch the falling and rising of the sun. Unfortunately, we had missed the last of the golden hour and sunset, but we were hopeful for the coming sunrise.
Early the following day, we woke in awe and drowsiness to the most exquisite sunrise coming up over the horizon. We danced around the beach, caught some waves, and basking in the glow of the new day. Almost forgetting all about the Washington weather moodiness the day before. These are the days a Washingtonian lives for.
As dawn turned to day, we all sat around the fire, drinking cups of joe and having not a worry in the world where the time would go. We enjoyed the crashing of the waves, with glimpses of our friends shredding the ocean blue and enjoying having the beach all to ourselves. This is where we spent the next couple of days, relaxing, soaking in nature, and revived our happiness before heading back to the city.
If you are looking for a perfect spot to post up, Port Crescent Beach Resort and RV Park is the place for you. A perfect weekend trip from Seattle to enjoy the beaches, views, and perfect spots for your Westy. The staff and facilities at the resort are top-notch and made sure we were always taken care of. Making this one of our all-time favorite spots along the Peninsula’s coast.

Written & Photos By: Sky Frost