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Become a Coast Saver

Become a Coast Saver

Spring cleaning for our backyard oasis.

Our friends are really awesome at WA CoastSavers and we’ll be headed out to join them on April 20th for their big Washington Coast Cleanup. The Olympic Peninsula is the primary destination for our renters, and it’s so important to us to keep it clean, beautiful and explorable for years to come.

We’re hoping to get our community involved, meet new people, and have some fun honoring our  beautiful outdoor playground.  Get involved, and be sure to use the hashtag:


How to get started:

  1. Pick a cleanup location on the Washington CoastSavers Wesbite
  2. Click “Sign Up Now” to register for your location. Provide your group size and contact info
  3. Send us an email at
  4. Get more info from us about where our pack of vans will be located, and more! We’d love to meet you.
  5. April 20th rolls around. Be part of an awesome cleanup, get some fresh air, and have fun!