Westy Weekend in Westport - PacWesty | Adventure Camper Rentals in the Pacific Northwest
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Westy Weekend in Westport

Westy Weekend in Westport

Kicking of the spring camping season, a little early..

What better way to celebrate women’s day than with a whole weekend of fun
filled road trip adventure? This was the kind of adventure that left me
speechless after walking the creaky halls of the Quinault Lodge, revived after
hiking through snow covered trails in the fern filled forest, and amazed that I got
a little sunburnt on the beach, in March.
As the Adventure Coordinator at PacWesty, I send most of our VW Camper Van
renters out to places that I truly love. Westport has made my list, joining
Hobuck, Salt Creek, Kalaloch, Second Beach, and many more coastal wonders.
I am so thankful to have the privilege to explore these incredible places, just a
hop skip and a jump from my hometown on Bainbridge Island.

Support the locals, anywhere and always.

Not only does supporting small town local shops keep businesses afloat
through the winter, it also opens a curtain into unique cultural vibes. Every town
has character, collectively created by the people and places that reside there.
In Westport, be sure that you stop into the “Surf Shop”. This little shop has been
in business for over 20 years and has as much charm as you’d expect. Adding
to the charm, is a wood stove and a giant wave mural on the front of the
building. Even if you’re getting your gear from LOGE, stop in and rent the gloves
and hood to complete your wetsuit ensemble here. If you’re lucky, Trista will be
in, and she’ll tell you all about her bad-ass “Salty Sunday” meet-up group
formed by all local female surfers. Some of the ladies in this group are very
dedicated, and chase the best waves all the way down the California coast.
Trista can also tell you pretty much anything about the ocean (and is also a yoga
instructor), so it went right over our heads when we were supposed to find her
at the “the second jetty over by Molokai..” Well, we can’t be as cool as the
locals, but we can try.
Capt’n Jack’s Espresso is all the rage with the locals, and is claimed to be the
best (and pretty much only) good coffee shop in town. Keep your eyes peeled
for the bright green drive through coffee shop on the left side of S Montessano
St, heading north on your way out to Point Chehalis for some oceanside
enjoyment. Once again, do as the locals do.

Live Outside Go Explore

If you’re headed to the coast in a PacWesty Camper Van, be sure that you’ve
asked for the exclusive PacWesty X LOGE At The Sands discount code. Not
only will you get to stay at the best place in town, it’ll probably be the most
affordable option too.
LOGE is just the coolest! They combine multi-faceted offerings in the most
seamless way. LOGE At The Sands is not only the best place around to camp,
it’s also a motel, hostel, surf and bike rental shop, a cafe, a beer and wine bar,
and a music venue. They’ve brought together the charm from the pre-existing
Inn, with the modernity and coastal vibes of LOGE perfectly.
The nice thing about LOGE At The Sands (or really any LOGE location) is that it
seems like everyone goes there with an open mind, and willingness to have a
community experience. You don’t have to go far to meet a friendly, smiling face.
In our case, we got into camp late and was nicely “gifted” a campfire and
leftover wood from the campers before us. If you’re lucky enough to see Joanie
while you’re there, she’s the most accommodating, friendly person you’ll ever
meet (she’ll also check you in and serve you beer and breakfast). If you’re
headed to LOGE At The Sands, don’t hesitate to bring more kitchen friendly
food, since their community kitchen is open to everyone who stays (not just for
folks in the Hostel). If you’re looking for something more suitable for solitude and
introverted-ness, scout out a Hipcamp or a Forest Service Road spot, tucked
away from society.

A few other recommendations:

  • Blackbeard’s Brewing is claimed to have the “best pizza and brews in Westport” and the locals give it a thumbs up too
  • Grays Harbor Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Washington with 135 steps
  • Shop ’n Kart will surprise you with some unexpected organic goodies

Do it right, and have fun

When adventuring in the PNW, it’s always a good idea to do it in a VW Camper
Van and bring some cool gear along. Not only does PacWesty provide all the
camping gear you’d need, there’s also a ton of cool add-ons. If you’re on the
fence about bringing your hammocks, longboards, polaroid cameras, or smore’s
kits- we say go for it! Stop at Kavu before you roll out and add some new
additions to your camp-drobe. Once you put on a Kavu tye-dye “Chillba” hat
and a pajama onsie to go with it, you really can’t go wrong.

Written and photographed by Nora Phillips (@noraemilyphoto)
Featured in images: Ruthie Wessendorf (@mountainadventurist)